Spacefest IX: Panels and Lectures

Being present while true experts in spaceflight share their insight and experience is a privilege that the public at large, unfortunately, does not have. Spacefest is the best place for that interaction to happen.

Remembering Alan Bean

The conversation I had with Al is, in itself, a great example of what he was like. Though we only spoke briefly, he took all the nervousness out of the interaction, making me feel entirely at ease. He was clearly interested in what I had to say.

Falcon Heavy Part II: The Launch

Just 3 miles (4.8km) away, the vehicle appeared BIG. The explosion blowing out of the engines was nearly as bright as the sun, giving my eyes afterimage spots. Five Million lbf (22.8 MN) of sound, at a low thrust/weight ratio, hit us in our chests at the Turning Basin.

For Anyone Who Believes the Shuttle was a Waste

Growing up, the Shuttle was part of our culture. By dismissing the subjects of those experiences, the credibility and honor of a whole generation of spaceflight fly out the airlock, and young people are turned off the idea of space exploration from the sheer jadedness. They will internalize the belief that the 30-year long Shuttle program was a waste of time.

Lost Forever: Ruins at Cape Canaveral

There is no doubt that Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station directly and fundamentally contributed to the greatest adventure we have ever taken. However, when I toured CCAFS a fortnight ago, a strong imagination was needed to see this place as it once was.

Cape Canaveral Early Space Tour

The bus came, we got on, and left the Visitor’s Complex. However, instead of exiting NASA Parkway and heading towards the VAB like usual, we went straight-on to the Causeway connecting KSC and the Cape.

Film Review: Lunar Tribute

Lunar Tribute is no run-of-the-mill Apollo film. Most documentaries have a broad scope, giving context for the space race, and then presenting an overview of the missions from multiple people who were involved. Right from the get go, this film had a different structure.